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With an almost perfect conical crater, Arenal Volcano rumbles and growls regularly and puts on a beautiful show at night. Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica is absolutely one of the most awesome experiences you can have in Costa Rica. Don't miss it.Click on [+info] for more information.

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica should be on everyone's itinerary, even if you only have a couple of days. The volcano is an almost perfect cone and regularly erupts, spewing out lava and rocks into the air. During the day you may only spot some smoke and a few boulders sliding down the mountainside. But at night, Arenal Volcano puts on a spectacular show of color and power. You can hear the volcano rumble as it regularly erupts. Unless you are fortunate to get a clear evening, the best time to view the volcano is usually very early in the morning, between 4 and 6 a.m.

There are a number of hotels and lodges nearby from which you can actually watch the entire spectacle from your room or balcony. You will find a vast variety of vegetation and fauna around Arenal Volcano and Lake. Relax in the hot springs heated by the volcano. Take a canopy ride on top of the exuberant vegetation and enjoy the breathtaking sight of one of the most active volcanoes in the world, but from a safe distance!

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You can get to Arenal Volcano from different directions : From San Jose is an 80 mile drive that takes about 4 hours. Don't panic! This is a beautiful scenic drive through mountainous roads! To start take highway # 1 heading north. Then take the exit to Naranjo and keep on the main road to Zarcero and Ciudad Quesada. From Ciudad Quesada follow the signs to La Fortuna. Once there, it will be obvious that you are about to reach your final destination. From Liberia is a 3 hours drive. Take Highway #1 south to Cañas and exit there towards Tilarán. From there follow the signs to Arenal Lake, which soon you will be seeing and enjoying. About half the way, there is a part of the road in very bad condition, so it is better to take a four wheel drive. It may not be a good idea to travel this road in the rainy season. As you drive towards Arenal Volcano, you will see several places to stay. See our hotel listings for accommodations in this area.

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Any time of the year. This area is always beautiful and there is a lot to do: hot springs, canopy, sky trek, ATV, hiking, horse riding, fishing, windsurfing, etc. The evergreen environment is so pleasant that you can spend all your time in this place and you will not be disappointed. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes due to weather conditions; the crater will be clouded. We recommend at least staying for a minimum of two nights in the area.

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