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Here is the nesting of the largest living marine reptile known as the Leatherback sea turtle (Baula). Protecting the nesting of the largest colony of leatherback in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is the main reason for the existence of this park. Click on [+info] for more information.

Las Baulas National Park is one of the world's few remaining sites of significant Leatherback turtle nesting activity. The "Las Baulas" project is dedicated to protecting and understanding the population of turtles nesting in the National Park so the species may be saved from extinction. The project takes place each year during the nesting season from late September to March. The only times that they are on land is when the female turtles lay eggs, and when hatchlings emerge from the nest and make their way to to the sea. The eggs are protected from poachers by volunteers and biologists employed by the local government.

Address (How to get there)

Take highway #1 to Liberia. Then take #21 to Huacas, Tamarindo. From Huacas take the dirt road to Playa Grande where the Ranger station is located.