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Cemaco carries a variety home accessories including kitchenware, rugs, lamps, crystal and childrens toys. They are also the owners of Radio Shack in Costa Rica, which has 9 locations.

Cemaco was established in 1986 and has grown to 4 major locations. They specialize in home accessories and many couples getting married put their list of wishes at Cemaco due to the high quality crystal and home accessories they stock.

Address (How to get there)

Cemaco Pavas Dirección: 350 metros Oeste de Canal 7, carretera a Pavas. Teléfono: (506)2296-3711 Cemaco Multiplaza Dirección: Centro Comercial Multiplaza Escazú, sobre Autopista Próspero Fernández. Teléfono: (506)2201-6363 Cemaco Alajuela Dirección: 300 metros Sur de la Bomba La Tropicana Teléfono: (506)2443-1880 Plaza Cemaco Zapote (includes Bebemundo) Dirección: De la rotonda de las Garantías Sociales 200 metros Norte. Teléfono: (506)2280-2112

Try Costa Rica Staff Comments

Cemaco is popular amongst those who like finer quality home accessories. It can be a bit pricey but they carry better brands for a number of products. They have a good selection of kitchenware and decorative items for the home.