Long dark sand and rough beach, mainly characterized by the existence of many small estuaries along the 6 miles of its shore line.Click on [+info] for more information.

Esterillos beach is divided into three sections, West, Central and East each with a small village. Surfing is the main attraction here. This long beach has tide pools at its northern end, where a sculpture of a mermaid sits atop the rocks. Beware strong currents; you can swim safely in the lee of rocks at the northern end of the beach. The scenery along the coast is beautiful which is a plus while driving. The next beach past Esterillos is Palma, also known as Bandera Beach, with the same characteristics of all this area.

There are several places to stay and eat in this area according to the budget. Hermosa and Jaco beaches are near.

Address (How to get there)

Esterillos is located about 15 miles past Jaco. Follow the signs from Jaco to reach this destination.