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The name literally means “Hiding place of the old lady”. The legend tells about an Indian girl who went to live near the crater of this volcano to be close to her loved one who was thrown into the crater by her father to ruin their love affair.Click on [+info] for more information.

Even though the name comes out of legend, these dormant craters evoke Indian culture linked to the particular features of the area. Besides of the crater complex at 6,286' above sea level, there are thermal mud pools, emerald green and turquoise blue waterfall swimming areas, small geysers and bubbling mud pools that emit sulfurous vapor recognized for its healing properties. All these particularities have made this place to be known as “Costa Rica’s Yellowstone”. You may even see a Jaguar if you keep your eyes open. This author did. And in the daytime!

Address (How to get there)

The Park is located 12 miles northeast from Liberia, Guanacaste. Keep 5 miles on #1 from Liberia, then turn right toward Curubande and follow the Park signs for about 7 miles.