Resplendent Quetzals, high cold mountains, misty extensive forest, paramo, lakes and rivers and awesome views are just a few of the features in this park. Click on [+info] for more information.

With an extension of 144,058 acres, this park protects forested areas in the northern Talamanca Mountain region, north of Chirripo National Park. The park is traversed by the Rio Grande de Orosi, with many other rivers and creeks joining the main river. The high precipitation keeps this place as one of the greenest areas of the country. It is also one of the best sites for bird watching! The park is criss-crossed by the South Interamerican highway at its highest point, 11,500 feet. The name Valle de la Muerte, (Death Valley), is owed to the deaths of the first voyagers trying to cross these mountains. They died of exposure to cold and wet conditions, the very conditions that make this such an interesting and diverse place.

Address (How to get there)

The park entrance is located at Orosi, Cartago. Take highway #2 to Cartago, then to Paraiso and Orosi. Follow the signs to the Tapanti park station. Also you can drive on Highway #2 from Cartago to Copey, Dota and reach the summit of Cerro de la Muerte. When to go?