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The Light blue waters caused by emanation of sulfur and the precipitation of calcium carbonates create a very particular attraction for which many are willing to visit this park. Click on [+info] for more information.

The Tenorio Volcano, with multiple craters at a maximum height of 6,286’, is the reason why the river was named Rio Celeste (Light Blue River) resulting from the emanation of sulfur and precipitation of calcium carbonate. Because of the volcanic field around this area, hot springs and small geysers are common. Beautiful rivers, waterfalls, lagoons and panoramic views are everywhere. Primary cloud forest and rainforest covers the park, which abounds with flora and fauna species in multiple life zones.

Address (How to get there)

This park is located in Bijagua (pronouned bee-hog-wah), Guanacaste. Take highway #1 to Cañas and drive 6 more miles after Cañas. Turn right to take road #6 to Bijagua and Upala. 20 miles past Bijagua you will see the signs to Tenorio National Park.