Would you like to descend into a volcano’s crater? Then this is the place to go. Prepare for a four hour hike through a beautiful forest that will take you to the top of a majestic crater. Click on [+info] for more information.

This dormant volcano is the second highest in Costa Rica and one of the few volcanoes where it is possible to descend into the crater. Typically it takes about an hour to reach the bottom. The summit is at 3,340m (almost 11,000 feet) above sea level and there are three craters, one of which has fumaroles and sulfur pits. Below the summit is a montain range and cloud forest with ferns, bromeliads, lichens and mosses. This giant is Irazu's sister volcano, but still one of the least visited parks in Costa Rica.

Address (How to get there)

The park is located in Turrialba, a town in the Atlantic region. To get there you can go through Cartago, Paraiso, Cervantes and Turrialba. From here head for Pastora and follow the signs to the volcano. By car (preferably 4WD) it will take you about 45 minutes to reach the summit. If you decide to hike, it will be about 4 hours.Another way to go is by the town of Pacayas enroute to Irazu volcano.