One of the best ways to get to know Costa Rica is to review blogs by people who live in Costa Rica.  Personal experiences, photos and anecdotes are educational, and at times, very entertaining.  We have tried to limit this list to Blogs that are frequently updated so information is current and practical for travelers or those considering moving to Costa RIca.

Costa Rica Connection Blog

My buddy Joseph has lived in Costa Rica for many years.  He has a lot if interesting stories about the Costa Rica experience.  He loves it here and has been able to adjust well to the slower pace of life.  His advice is earthy and to the point.  He also happens to be an expert on real estate in the Playa Hermosa area of Guanacaste.  Be sure to read his blog to learn about everything from Sloths to buying a car here.  Lots of topics and lots of info.

Tank Tops & Flip Flops

Michael is one of the most prolific writers I know.  His website has hundreds of posts and all of them are good.  If you are thinking about living in Costa Rica don't miss this blog!  One of my favorite posts is 99 Reasons Why I Love Costa Rica.  Yep! It really has 99 reasons so get ready for a long but educational read.