One of the best ways to get to know Costa Rica is to review blogs posted by people who live (or have lived) in Costa Rica.  Personal experiences, photos and anecdotes are educational, and at times, very entertaining.  We have tried to limitthis list to Blogs that are frequently updated so information is current and practical for travelers or those considering moving to Costa RIca.

A Broad in Costa Rica

One of our favorites - Sara Tica knows what she is talking about and her blog is filled with great information for travelers and residents alike.

Mother Jungle

This is definitely another top site about living in Costa Rica.  Susan Carmichael is a writer living in Costa Rica with her family. She's traveled around the country logging interviews for radio documentaries and articles.

She has a diligent staff of elves who labor over this website (but refuse to help with the dishes).  Dirty dishes or not, this is a great read...

My Dos Colones

Jon is an interesting character who lives in San Jose and travels the world working on an oil drilling vessel. His Blog contains a lot of experiences in Costa Rica and practical information about the cost of living, weather, dining...well, just about everything.

Staying safe in Costa Rica

In the words of Carolina Perez herself:  "Our goal is to help you live here, safely".  Carolina is a straight-shootin', plain spoken person with a blog that shows you Costa Rica from a "warts and all" perspective.


A Costa Rica Blog written by Erin, a twenty-something freelance writer who studied Cultural Anthropology and Spanish in college. In January 2007 Erin achieved one of her life goals and moved to Costa Rica, where she happily ensconced in her one-bedroom apartment, writing and wiling away the hours.

Así es Costa Rica

Costa Rica Blog written by Jazmin in Spanish a Tica that live in the Canarias Island in Spain.