Costa Rica Drinks

The traditional breakfast drink, besides coffee, is called agua dulce ("sweet water") and is made from tapa de dulce. Sugar cane juice is boiled down in traditional trapiches and left to solidify in molds in a conical shape with the top cut off called tapas, which can literally be translated "lids". Then some of this tapa is scraped off and dissolved into boiling water or milk to make the sweet delicious agua dulce.

The traditional drinks for lunch are called refrescos naturals or frescos for short, and consist of liquified fruits diluted in either water or milk and sweetened to taste. They come in many varieties such as melon, blackberry, strawberry, watermelon, mango, tamarindo, passion fruit, guanabana and cas.

Another popular drink is known as a granizado, a slush drink made of finely shaved ice and flavored syrup. The most popular flavor is kola. This is not the cola usually associated with carbonated soda but a fruity cherry flavored syrup. It is sometimes served with evaporated/condensed milk on top depending on the preference of the drinker.

The national liquor of Costa Rica is made from sugar cane and is called guaro. Ticos drink guaro as a shot or mixed with juice or soda. The cost of guaro is very cheap compared to the cerveza (beer) in Costa Rica which is run by a monopoly. Imperial is the most popular and is an American style lager; the Pilsen is a bohemian style pilsner; and Bavaria is offered in Light, Dark or Gold. The Dutch beer, Heineken, is also produced in Costa Rica but tastes a little different.