Relax, you are in good hands

(note: if you are in Costa Rica and have a serious medical emergency, dial 911)

Costa Rica dental care is very high quality

One word describes Costa Rica's medical and dental services:  Exceptional!  One thing you will note about the care you receive in Costa Rica is:  the typical healthcare practitioner actually wants to hear what you have to say.  They will also take the time to sit and explain procedures and tests required so you understand them fully prior to any work being done.  Not shackled by the ambulance chasers and malpractice issues doctors and surgeons face in other countries, these will not order expensive batteries of tests simply to cover themselves in the event of a possible law suit.  They recommend what you truly need and typically will not put you through more procedures than necessary.




There are a number of large public and private hospitals in Costa Rica, each with a slightly different personality.Here is an overview of the major private hospitals:

Clinica Biblica

Hospital Clinica Biblica Costa Rica

The hospital was actually a project of the Latin American Mission in 1921, particularly Henry and Susan Strachan.  Appalled by the fact 355 out of every 1,000 Costa Rican infants died per year and of the survivors, 50% died before the age of five.  Overall life expectancy was around 40.  Illnesses such as tuberculosis and malaria were rife.

Due to this depressing scene the Strachans decided to set up a system to provide free health care to those who need it the most.  This is how Clinica Biblica came to be.

Today Clinica Biblica includes its original hospital plus the Omega Medical Tower, which includes:  modern Clinical and Pathology Laboratory, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center (MRI), high resolution ultrasound, conventional X Rays, 3D TAC, drugstore with all the best medicines in the market, Emergency room, Surgery, Hospitalization and intensive care.

The number of services they offer is far too many to list in this site.  We suggest you visit their web site for more details.

Contact Details for Clinica Biblica
Tel: (506) 2522-1000
Emergencies: (506) 2522-1030

Hospital CIMA

Hospital CIMA Costa Rica

Hospital CIMA, located west of San Jose in the upmarket suburb of Escazu, was established in 1992 and is one of several hospitals built and operated by the International Hospital Corporation with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.  CIMA Hospital includes an emergency department, surgical theaters, internal medicine, diagnostic services, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics.  They also offer intensive therapy for adults, children and newborns.

The facility includes a six story medical consulting building attached to the Hospital where over 160 medical professionals maintain offices in 52 specialties.  Most have numerous degrees from well recognized international universities and colleges.

The Hospital offers special packages for those seeking an overall exam including cardio, blood screening and other procedures for one flat price.  They also have special packages for childbirth procedures including natural and caesarian section.  Check directly with the hospital for specific details.

Contact Details for CIMA Hospital
Tel: +506-2208-1000
Emergencies: +506-2208-1144

(note: if you are in Costa Rica and have a serious medical emergency, dial 911)