Area:  1,026.6 sq. miles
(Smallest province:  5% of national area)
Population:  354,926 (2000)
Main City:  Heredia
Population Density:  345.6 per square mile
Elevation:  3,773 feet
Average Temperature:  67,6°F
Annual Rainfall:  59-79 inches

Braulio Carrillo National Park

The Braulio Carrillo National Park offers a plethora of dormant volcanoes for all its visitors. There are four in total: Cerro Chompipe, Cerro Cacho Negro, Cerros las Tres Marias and Barva Volcano. Barva Volcano holds three crater lakes: Barva, Danta and Copey. The park is blanketed in primary cloud and rainforests, yielding multiple life zones, hundreds of bird and mammal species and countless rivers and waterfalls.

Palustrino Laguna Maquenque Wetlands

The Palustrino Laguna Maquenque Wetlands are home to the endangered Great Green Macaw, Turkey’s Tail, Ocelot and the West Indian Manatee. This national park, with its magnificent Maquenque Lagoon, is part a proposed binational effort, with Nicaragua, to consolidate 29 protected areas into the Maquenque International Park. If completed, the park would cover an astounding 1.3 million acres (more than three times the size of La Amistad International Park).