1. To provide the most complete source of information about Costa Rica available so each traveler can plan their visit to Costa Rica with as much knowledge as possible about what to see, where to go, what to bring, how to get around, where to eat etc.

2. To promote the protection of Costa Rica's environment through education and the support of qualified Foundations

3. To protect Costa Rican women and children from exploitation by not accepting any advertising from known sources of sexual exploitation, and assisting organizations dedicated to their protection, such as Protegiendoles.org

More About Try Costa Rica

Seagulls at Puntarenas PierThe founders of the web site have lived in Costa Rica for over 15 years and have much to offer those considering traveling to, or living in Costa Rica.  Many of our listings contain information from personal experiences that may help you to get an idea about what it is like to stay in a particular hotel, visit an attraction or eat in a restaurant, before you actually arrive in Costa Rica.  Our real Mission is to help you have a safe and pleasant holiday in beautiful Costa Rica.

Our Mission also includes a commitment to protect underage children from any type of abuse.  The government of Costa Rica has been working diligently to enforce the laws related to sex crimes, and in support of this effort we refuse to accept any advertisements from any business or organization known to be related to the trade.  This would include any nightclubs or bars that are known for allowing prostitution to operate in their premises.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

We realize that for our web site to be successful over the long run we must have a spotless reputation for honesty and integrity as related to the information we share with you, the traveler.  No matter if you are coming to Costa Rica for business, pleasure, or to live, you need to know the facts before you arrive, not a sales pitch.

Please browse through our site and see all the wonderful things to do in Costa Rica.  If you find anything in our site that is inaccurate, please let us know by visiting our "Help Us Improve" page.  We are anxious to make our site all you want it to be.

"Bienvenido a Costa Rica" from all your friends at TryCostaRica.com