Area:  1,918.2 sq. miles
(Fifth province in size:  10% of national area)
Population:  1,356,442 (2000)
Capital City:  San José
Population Density:  15.5 inhabitants per square mile
Elevation:  3,773 feet
Average Temperature:  68.5°F
Annual Rainfall:  59-79 inches

Los Santos Forest Reserve

The Los Santos Forest Reserve guards the natural forest habitats to the south and to the west of the nation’s capital city of San José. These habitats lie in the Talamanca mountains, which lend themselves to beautiful and peaceful hiking trails.

Chirripó National Park

The Chirripó National Park is home to Mt. Chirripó, the highest peak in all of Costa Rica. It is located in the southern end of the Talamanca mountain range and protects the areas forests and wildlife.