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Feeding the birds in San Jose

We are working hard to bring you the best information about Costa Rica Travel.  Most travel information web sites for Costa Rica are sponsored by travel agents or real estate agents.  These sites tend to push you toward tours or areas of the country related to the site owners market.  Try Costa Rica, on the other hand, is not related to any travel agency or real estate interest.  In fact, our team is made up of North Americans who have lived here many years and Costa Ricans.  This multinational mix brings both local knowledge and international experience to the table.  Our many travels in this country have given us a unique perspective on the best (or worst) tourist attractions, accomodations, transportation and many other categories represented in this site.  TryCostaRica.com is designed to share our insights with you.

Nances - indescribable taste

In some categories, and within specific descriptions of some listings, you will find comments by us indicating our opinion of the place or attraction.  Of course, these are only our opinions based on personal experience - yours may differ.  Our intention is not to promote any specific place or attraction, rather to give the traveler as cmplete a list as possible of all the options and then let you decide what may be right for you.  We also want to help you be as prepared as possible for each Costa Rica experience.  For example:  what type of clothing you should bring; when to bring items such as binoculars or cameras, bug repellent etc.

Volunteers rescuing turtle eggs

We also want you to have an idea of where you can go to get the best deal for the least money, or find the most interesting or luxurious destination, depending on what it is you are looking for.  What places are the best for viewing specific types of wildlife and when are the best times of year to come?  Which volcanos are the most exciting to visit and how many days should you plan for the trip?  This is what we mean by local knowledge.  We can help you know when to come, where to stay and how best to spend your time without any personal agenda attached to the information.

We are always interested in improving this site.  If you spot a broken link, bad spelling, hopeless grammar or an inaccuracy, please let us know.  We appreciate any and all help we can get!

Enjoy your visit to Costa Rica and thank you for using our site.